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DevOps Solutions

Penguin Technology DevOps Services

We offer exceptional services to enable companies and businesses alike streamline application deployement and operation. Our DevOps solutions ensure timely and error-free product releases. Each DevOps project we deliver focuses on the seamless adoption and integration of business-first solutions into a development process. Thus, we craft innovative solutions for our clients according to their business or company objectives and needs.

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DevOps Solutions
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Startups & SMEs
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Why Startups & Firms Count On Us

We bring innovation and exceptional niche expertise to cloud DevOps engineering, providing businesses and corporate entities with the right solutions to thrive in today’s highly competitive and fast-evolving IT world. Our diverse clients have diverse requirements for DevOps implementation in their respective industries. To meet their needs, we craft business-first solutions that align with their development workflow.

cloud devops solutions

Build & Deploy


Our utilities and solutions help streamline application delivery by a long shot, enabling error-free and standardized build, deployment, and management of complex and dynamic applications that snowball.


With our enterprise-scale capabilities and refined strategies proven to work, you can deliver products 10x faster, expediting product release timelines and time to market while ensuring quality.


Our application workload management strategy delivers efficient resource usage to reduce cost, balancing performance, speed, and quality to ensure high availability and zero downtime.

cloud platform engineering

Micro Service Deployment To Scale

We offer a micro-service deployment to scale framework, enabling proper scaling and utilization of cloud resources for cloud-native applications to maintain performance stability in dynamic scenarios and more importantly:

Our Top Services

cloud automation services

Cloud Automation

Automate error-prone, recurrent and time-consuming cloud workload management processes with our cloud automation services to improve product delivery

devops configuration management services

Configuration Management

Our expertise and utilities enable organizations to implement efficient configuration management to reduce deployment timelines and errors.

devops ci-cd services

DevOps CI-CD

Penguin Technology provides end-to-end DevOps CI/CD solutions, empowering both developers and IT operations teams to swiftly and securely deploy software.

containerization services


We specialize in automating container deployment, management, and scaling processes, offering uninterrupted  availability and reliability.

site reliability engineering services

Site Reliability Engineering

Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Services support the entire cloud-native development and management lifecycle to align with your business objectives



We craft exceptional DevSecOps platforms that seamlessly integrate security across build, test and  deployment automation and monitoring

Why Choose Penguin Technology For DevOps?

You can trust and rely on our services because our goal is to help you achieve goal-driven results

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Choosing Penguin Technology helps you reduce IT cost by a long shot