Container Orchestration

Container Orchestration

DevOps Solutions: Container Orchestration Services


We are a DevOps service provider, offering various Devops solutions according to customer specification. One of our areas of expertise includes DevOPs infrastructure automation as well as container orchestration services. We have unmatched experience in using tools such as kubernetes, docker, openshift, terraform and Apache Mesos for automating container workloads and services. More important, at Penguin Technology, we have one team and one goal – your satisfaction. Hence, our focus majorly is to streamline the operational side of things for better productivity.

Container Orchestration Services In India

At Penguin Technology, our aim is to basically enhance the delivery of services via fully automated software operation process (Container Orchestration). We configure full automation of a container lifecycle. The typical lifecycle incorporates deployment, provisioning, load balancing, networking and scaling. By fully automating the operation of a container, we deliver agile and fast DevOps solutions.


What is container Orchestration?

It is the process of using tools such as Kubernetes, Docker and more to automate the operational workloads of software for stable and agile delivery. In other words, it entails the management of software delivery process in an automated fashion to make the process fast. It rolls a number of operational tasks into what we’ve come to know as a container. This containerization approach is basically the abstraction of tasks and workloads into what can be easily managed in an automated manner so as to streamline container lifecycle. The lifecycle basically outlines the tasks making up an entire operation side of a DevOps and container orchestration process:


  • Provisioning
  • Deployment
  • Availability
  • Networking
  • Load Balancing
  • Scaling &
  • Delivery


Personalized DevOps Services In India

From one customer to another, we understand that the requirements for DevOps solutions and container orchestration services may differ. Hence, we strategically implement solutions aimed at your needs.


Customer-Driven DevOps & Container Orchestration Services

To deliver customer-driven agile DevOps solutions, Penguin Technology has a team of cloud and DevOps engineers in place. Always up and running, the team works around the clock to keep up with your timelines. Our customer support unit is integrated into our tech unit to remove bureaucracy and expedite each support process.


Container Orchestration Services With AMC Support

Additionally, we have the DevOps AMC support — an annual service support aimed at getting rid of your software development and delivery hassles. All IT AMC supports At Penguin Technology are SLA backed.