DevOps Solutions in India

DevOps Solutions in India

Personalized DevOps Solutions


In a world where agile delivery, stability and uptime determine the success of IT companies, choosing a reliable DevOps company in India such as Penguin Technology, by all means, renders a lot of benefits. With top-notch DevOps solutions, we stand out as the number one cloud and DevOps services provider in India.

DevOps Solutions

We believe DevOps isn’t just about deployment and delivery but goes beyond that to consider your environment, operation and requirements. So, we take these three variables into consideration, designing DevOps solutions to seamlessly integrate with your operation. Our personalized solutions foster operational efficiency for hassle-free development and agile service delivery.

Best DevOps Solutions in India

From setup, development, to continuous delivery, Penguin Technology ensures seamless uptake of DevOps solutions by streamlining the whole delivery pipeline. Thus, we use cutting-edge tools for managing the pipeline so as to foster faster delivery.


We focus on improving the 4 Cs of a DevOps entire process so as to enhance the DevOps cycle and more importantly, ensure hassle-free and fast delivery. Our goal is to help companies and businesses achieve seamless collaboration of various units, i.e development and operation teams, for fast and error-free product delivery using these four Cs:

The Essential 4 Cs Of A DevOps Process

Continuous Planning

The ongoing process of laying out the roadmap for a continuous integration and continuous delivery (DevOps CI/CD) of software. It is a basic feasibility analysis incorporating setting goals, evaluating existing process and system, envisioning and creating a blueprint for software development as well as DevOps solutions.

Continuous Testing

Offers an enabling environment for automated testing of code changes using risk factors. These risk factors are then improved so as to produce parallel efficiency and stable delivery.

Continuous Integration

Build and test process of code changes from various developers in an automated fashion prior to deployment or delivery. It seeks to eliminate risks and errors allowing for the shipping of error-free products to the delivery pipeline. Codes and code releases are efficiently merged into one repository or project and tested for final shipping. Continuous integration also helps eliminate “integration hell” that comes with code merging.

Continuous Delivery

All-inclusive DevOps solutions process which takes care of new code release and changes. It offers setup, optimization and scalability and management of software version releases to ensure smooth and uninterrupted development.

Tools we use For DevOps Solutions

DevOps engineers at Penguin Technology are industry experts specializing in all kinds of DevOp services. We maximize the 4 Cs efficiency in order to expedite software delivery using tools such as:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Git
  • Terraform