Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Penguin Cloud Solutions in India is the way up

Fly high into the cloud with Penguin top-notch cloud solutions in India and not even the sky can hold you back

Custom Cloud Solutions In India

We are a trusted cloud service provider in India, offering personalized and goal-driven cloud solutions to companies of all sizes. Using tier-4 data center setup and management strategy, we offer highly stable cloud solutions. This approach helps us deliver hassle-free experience with cloud hosting to our customers.

Seamless Cloud Migration Services

Migration of on-premise operation to cloud is a seamless and hassle-free process with Penguin’s excellent cloud migration services. Thanks to our unrivaled proficiency in on-premise data center migration to cloud. We deliver cloud to cloud and on-premise to cloud migration in a timely fashion. You can count us to help you achieve a stable, highly performant and budget-friendly alternative to in-house hosting of services.

Migration wouldn’t have you in catch22 as much as we are in the picture of the entire process.

Top-notch Cloud Solutions In India

Our cloud hosting services are available to a plethora of clients from various domains, big or small. You can take advantage of our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and enterprise-class cloud solutions to streamline your IT management system.

Cloud Security is of essence when operating the cloud. So, we strive to harden security keeping with  industry standard for  cloud solutions. Other than implementing firewalls, anti-viruses and spam detectors, our team of cloud experts implements a threat model, an approach that mimics possible compromises, thus pointing us in the right direction when we harden cloud security.



If you don’t want to get your hands dirty managing critical system tasks and processes, that’s totally fine as we’ve got you covered with our cloud automation services. We care of backup, optimization, housekeeping, system monitoring, performance and health check metrics and statistics, and more.


We are a reliable and goal-focused provider of cloud solutions in India. Our cloud hosting services are affordable. We have plans for customers operating on small budgets. Additionally, our pricing system aims at giving customers maximum value for their investment in cloud.