Privacy Policy

We at Penguin Technology respect the privacy of users in respect to the data they share with us. We are committed to protecting their privacy now and always. This privacy policy provides a detailed rundown of what user’s information is collected, why we collect the information and how we make use of the information. We use the first person pronouns “we” and “us” throughout this privacy policy to refer to Penguin Technology as a whole.

This privacy policy is provided to help users understand how their PPI or Personally Identifiable Information is used by us online. In regards to information security, the PII is the user’s data that may be used independently in or in conjunction with other data. It provides a means by which users can be identified, tracked, located and reached. We implore you to look at this policy meticulously to understand how your data is collected and used by us for our services.

What is covered in this privacy policy?

As an integral part of Penguin Technology’s Terms of Services and Licencing, this policy is provided in regards to the user information collected by us via our website.

What data do we collect?

the information we collect when a visitor uses our website can be single on one hand. On the other hand we may collect multiple details (personal user data) for identifying and tracking users. We also collect and keep users’ non personal information which can be used to track users.

What data is collected automatically?

Through the, some user’s data is collected automatically by us when the user provides this data while subscribing to services or filling web forms. It includes:

Device Information: hardware and software information collected from the devices with which users visit our websites. it includes operating system, browser type, screen size and resolution, etc

Cookies: small fragments of data deposited in your browser overall data by websites you visit so that the data can be retrieved later.

Logging and browsing details: details such as browser configuration, settings, type, cookies, language preferences, rtc or real time communications data, are collected by our system.

User’s Location: the area from which the user is accessing our websites which is determined using the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.

 Website usage information: information regarding how each user navigates and uses our website, like what services they access, basically for tracking user’s activity on our site.

When and how do we collect user’s data?

Your data is collected by us when you use some of the features of our website such as filling our web form, opening a support ticket, using the live chat, placing an order or transferring credentials and texts from elsewhere to our website, and subscribing to newsletters.

How does Penguin Technology use your data?

User information collection by us follows a legitimate process so that we can maintain our contract with users while promoting our interests as a business entity. here is how your data is used by us:

to reach out and forge a better connection with users in regards to their use of our website, products and services. t

to provide support, feedback, press releases and follow-ups.

for website management, user validation and authentication for better security

to optimize our website features and functions for better user experience

 to process and complete transactions and also maintain transaction history for retrieval when needed.

to build an emailing list for better customer outreach through newsletters, updates, and direct emailing. This requires a subscription which the users can opt out of when they deem necessary. We will only send you promotionals with your permission if you are from the European Economic region.

to obtain aggregate and comprehensive metrics of our website performance in regards to valid traffic so that we can minimize spamming.

to make your user’s details and credentials available to you when you avail our services

Does Penguin Technology view my data?

We do not view and analyze user’s data unless in exceptional cases involving the violation of terms of services and licensing, security, spamming and frauds.

Does Penguin Technology sell my data?

We do not engage in profit making practices by selling user’s data. 

Does Penguin Technology share my data?

Yes. But user’s personal data is shared only with third parties such as: 

software and web developers, advertising and digital marketing agents who use your data to enhance your user experience by optimising our products to serve you valid ads and promotional. We share your data only with your full permission. 

The information shared with third party vendors is used to examine customer’s behaviour and response patterns to products and services so that improvements can be made. We do not provide full data to these third parties. We provide only the data required and have them use it under our watch. 

Security agents for investigation of frauds, spamming and violation of Penguin licensing agreement and terms of services, threats and menaces to Penguin Technology and its operation by any means. 

Our business affiliates especially when our contracts with the affiliates require us to disclose our current company data including our user’s data. 

Our business syndicates especially during organizational restructuring, merger, delegation of operational procedures, or full transfer of ownership. 

To the court or law enforcement agency especially subpoenaed under court verdict to do so. 

Does Penguin Technology use cookies?

Yes we only use cookies to provide personalized ads and contents tailored to a specific user based on the user’s browsing data. We track your activities to understand your preferences. We enhance our services based on your preferences to give you a better experience. 

Disclosure of user data to third parties

We do disclose, sell, trade, exchange our user’s data or personal identifiable information to third parties.


We do advertising using Google AdSense on our websites. The premise of Google advertising is to give users the best experience by serving them quality ads. Google uses cookies to serve personalized ads. 

To understand better how Google Ads works using cookies and how to control that, please refer to this link:


Ensure the security of our user data, we enforce strong security practices in compliance with industry standards in our entire operation. But don’t forget that data over the wire (internet) is not always 100% safe. 

Privacy policy update

This entire policy or part(s) of it is subject to change and we make the changes we deem necessary at any time. 

You may contact us at if you have any query in respect to this policy.