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Our email hosting services empower businesses and corporate entities with robust messaging solutions and tools for efficient communication and digital resource sharing. 

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#1 Email Solution Provider in Delhi India

Penguin Technology is the best email solution company in India. We understand that effective email solutions are an essential part of today’s business and corporate world. And directing it towards customer’s specific demands even adds  more value. So, we set on mainly to deliver stable enterprise-grade email solutions according to the tier-4 data center framework.

Platforms & Technologies

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Zimbra Mail Solutions

We offer the best Zimbra email solutions optimized for security and speed.

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Microsoft Email

Our Microsoft email solutions can boost your messaging capability

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GSuites Email Services

Our Email solutions enable businesses to take full advantage of GSuites features

Affordable Email Solutions Company In India

At Penguin Technology, we provide a range of email solutions designed with a focus on cost efficiency and quality. Our goal is to assist customers in meeting their daily communication needs seamlessly. In essence, we offer high-quality email solutions at significantly low costs.


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Personalized Email Solutions Provider In Delhi India

Our email solutions are customized to meet the varying needs of our broad spectrum of clients from various industries. So, if you have a specific goal and you want an email solution that fits into it, you can leverage our services knowing that you will get speed and efficiency at a reasonably affordable cost.

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Secure Email Server Provider In India

Mail security is one of the critical parts of an enterprise email solution. With that understanding, we at Penguin Technology apply the best security practices according to the industry standards. Our mail server security hardening is top-notch. We harden the hosting environment for email servers as much as we do for mailboxes.


W adapt to changes in email server hardening to be up to par with security. Thanks to our partnership with enterprise email security vendors. They keep us abreast of changes and constantly notify us of new patches and updates. We constantly review email server security and performance health to ensure it conforms to modern standards.

Best Enterprise Email Solutions Company In India

Along with security hardening, we configure each email solution with a fully automated backup to ensure data protection. Maintaining the tier-4 set of industry standards, we configure backups to regularly archive data and dump it in a safe and secure cloud location.

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Stable Email Solutions Provider in India

In addition to a fully automated constant data backup, we also provide email server downtime as well as disaster remediation through redundancy and fault tolerance. This ensures 100 percent uptime, giving customers a hassle-free experience with email hosting.