Domain & Web Hosting

Domain & Web Hosting

Domain and web hosting by Penguin Technology is what every business and corporate entity needs in order to scale up and grow. In other words, we are your partner in growth.

Top Notch Web Hosting Services In India

Our company culture is built around constantly strategizing our entire operation to deliver maximum satisfaction to our customers. This customer-focus approach paves the way for delivering personalized web and domain hosting in accord with a customer’s specific needs.


Fast And Responsive Website & Application Development

We understand that user engagement as well as retention is a function of speed. Every web and domain hosting process we carry out includes some level of optimization to ensure maximum performance and speed. We give your users the best experience by incorporating intuitive and user-friendly interface into your websites and applications.


Secure & Stable Domain & Web Hosting Services In India

In addition to performance optimization, we also implement some level hardening – by industry standards. We aim to deliver stability, security, data encryption, protection and reliability.

Web & App Development Services With Support For Scalability

We consider the fact that your business can experience future expansion and require more resources to support its growth. So, our web hosting services include provide support for scalability. On demand provisioning of extra resources for your hosted services, applications and website can be configured on the fly without downtime.


Web & Applications Hosting With 100% Uptime

Speaking of downtime, our corporate web and domain hosting services include real time monitoring of hosted services and websites for signals pointing to possible downtime. We fix issues out of the box, thus preventing them from resulting in downtime.


Our domain and email hosting support services are based on a service-level agreement and this arrangement allows customers to take full advantage of 24*7 support. This transparent and highly responsive process includes constantly feeding our customers reports so that they can track our process.


We also have the AMC support for web and domain hosting as with other IT services provided by Penguin Technology. The contract in AMC support binds us and the client for one year according to system level agreement. With this support plan, you get to shift your web hosting burden to us while you afford time for more important things.


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