Source Code Management

Source Code Management

DevOps Solutions: Source Code Management


Source code management (scm) promotes seamless collaboration among software development teams and engineers. It provides an effective means for managing and controlling changes to source codes. Similarly, it efficiently manages code discrepancies resulting from multiple contributions from various teams and team members to a project. SCM, in essence, streamlines the software development side of DevOps. Owing to this, at Penguin Technology we set on to offer DevOps solutions with one goal: agile software delivery.

Source Code Management & Version Control

Above and beyond, modern day software design, in its enterprise nature, presents some level of project complexity. This complexity, for the most part, is related to multiple code releases. Penguin Technology however, has engineers highly competent in version control and source code management, using tools such as Git. We effectively manage multiple code releases so as to prevent what is known as code “integration hell” and more importantly, speed up software delivery.

What is SCM In DevOps?


Small to large software project usually requires multiple code contributions to the project code repository. These contributions are basically changes in form of codes to the repository by various participants. The end product is essentially the integration of the changes. Source code management tracks and manages changes to the project repository in a versioning fashion so that the wrong version of software is not release. Additionally, SCM as well as version control expedites code integration and ultimate delivery.

Why Penguin Technology For Source Code Management


We as a DevOps solution provider look at things from our client perspective ask what does the client wants? Hence we approach every project with this question in mind so as to deliver strategic solutions aimed at resolving our client needs. In short terms, we strive to satisfy each client through excellent yet cost-effective DevOps  solutions. To deliver quality for moderate costs, we offer value-added services, using a pricing strategy favorable to each client.