Cloud to Cloud Migration

Cloud to Cloud Migration

Cloud Hosting Provider In India

Penguin Technology is one of the best cloud hosting service provider in India. For speed and stability, we use reliable cloud hosting platforms. In addition to that, we set up and configure cloud services to meet tier-4 datacenter hosting criteria. Fault tolerance and redundancy are some of the key features of tier-4 hosting standards. It focuses mainly on 100% availability and stability of hosted services. Our services include cloud to cloud migration, IAAS, cloud architecture and management, etc.


Cloud Hosting Services In India

Customers take advantage of our cloud to cloud migration services to eliminate the hassles which come with digital asset migration. We have experience with various cloud platforms and can migrate services, databases, websites and applications in a timely fashion. We plan and execute an effective migration process so as to ensure zero downtime as well as optimal performance.

Cloud Hosting Company In India

Data protection is one of the key aspects of our cloud hosting services in India. We observe proper security and data protection measures in order to ensure your data is 100% safe during cloud to cloud migration of services. At Penguin, we value your data as much as you and as a consequence, strive to keep it safe and secure.

Why Us

We are the leading cloud hosting company in Delhi-NCR. Our cloud hosting services are top-grade and budget-friendly. We are committed to delivering quality cloud to cloud services for reasonable costs. Hence, we have in place a pricing strategy focusing mainly on value. Put similarly, your little investment in our services yields maximum value.

Cloud Hosting Services With Active Support

We are a team of highly resourceful and experienced cloud engineers. We work hand in hand towards one goal – customer satisfaction. So, we offer proactive customer support. This is also backed by service-level agreement that makes the process transparent.

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