Penguin Technology’s DevOps Cloud services are designed to facilitate a seamless end-to-end DevOps implementation. Our focus is on achieving rapid and risk-free deployment, promoting optimal productivity throughout the development lifecycle.

DevOps Cloud Services For Scalable & Agile Deployment

Product companies these days grapple with inefficiency of product delivery due to a lack of agile and scalable process. Our solution involves creating fully automated DevOps environments that unite business, development, and operation teams. By seamlessly integrating these teams and leveraging leading cloud solutions such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, we ensure the delivery of high-quality products and software right from the initial iteration.

Cloud DevOps services
swiftly deliver products with zero error

Implement a robust, scalable and agile DevSecOPs and accelerate your delivery pipeline significantly with our tailored services. We consistently implement Cloud DevOps best practices throughout the entire development and operation cycle, thus minimizing errors and optimizing the efficiency of a DevOps process.

Increase productivity significantly

Enhance your DevSecOps process by incorporating highly scalable, uninterrupted, and advanced mechanisms that streamline the entire lifecycle of DevOps projects. Leveraging these critical mechanisms becomes paramount when both speed and efficiency are key considerations in the development process.

scale up fast for peak performance

Harness the scalability, stability, and security of the cloud to deploy agile yet error-free solutions seamlessly. Our DevOps Cloud services empower you to scale up operations and enhance productivity efficiently.

Ship error-free products in a timely manner

Experience deployment in an agile fashion and improve delivery through the complete automation of various operation and development stages. Our commitment is to ensure the comprehensive automation of entire DevOpSecOps projects, placing emphasis on achieving error-free and speedy CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)

Penguin Technology's Approach To DevOps Cloud Services

At Penguin Technology, our DevOps Cloud services incorporate a continuous deployment as well as delivery approach. This method prioritize testing at multiple stages rather than solely at the final phase. We take a proactive measures in addressing bugs as soon as they are detected, starting right from the project’s design. This proactive approach aims to reduce errors and risks during the final deployment phase, ensuring agile and error-free delivery, as part of our best practices:

At Penguin Technology, we leverage automated deployment and orchestration frameworks designed to facilitate continuous testing, integration, and delivery. Through the automated provisioning, configuration, and scaling of resources, we ensure a seamless development lifecycle. By automating these critical processes, our aim is to achieve consistent and timely deployment with minimal to no risks. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to the overall reliability and stability of the deployment pipeline

Our DevOps Cloud services incorporate automated deployment and orchestration frameworks designed to facilitate continuous testing, integration, and delivery. Through automated provisioning, configuration, and scaling of resources, we ensure a seamless development lifecycle. We aim to help you achieve consistent and timely deployment with minimal to no risks.

we deploy and manage DevOps solutions with proactive monitoring and logging, enabling us to have real-time metrics of running applications and the infrastructure on which the applications run. We leverage these metrics to properly tune, optimize and scale infrastructure so as to boost the efficiency of applications, ensuring timely deployment.

Emphasizing continuous deployment in with high level of agility, our DevOps Cloud services are designed to also offer high availability through a robust load balancing mechanism, redundancy and more. It is a meticulous approach ensuring high zero downtime as well as interruptions in a delivery process.

Penguin Technology emphasizes the implementation of enterprise-level backup in an automated way that complies with data center tier 4 standards. This approach serves as a robust measure for data protection and more importantly, allows for rapid recovery in case of a disaster.

We adopts the concept of immutable infrastructure, emphasizing the replacement of components rather than modification. This approach streamlines rollbacks and elevates the reliability of deployments, effectively reducing the risk of configuration drift and expediting changes in the deployment process. By embracing the principles of immutable infrastructure, we ensure a more straightforward and dependable deployment environment, enhancing the stability of delivery pipeline.

Penguin Technology regularly tests disaster recovery mechanisms, thus validating its effectiveness. Through simulations and drills, we actively identify weaknesses, ensure the readiness of your team, and fine-tune the recovery process.

In addition, to help companies achieve a seamless DevOps uptake, we implement a collaborative DevOps culture focusing on communication and shared responsibility. It prioritizesclear documentation of deployment procedures, ensuring that team members can seamlessly collaborate even under duress.

DevOps Cloud services at Penguin Technology are designed using a comprehensive approach that integrates development, operation and security — DevSecOps, to be more specific. Thus, we deploy solutions employing enterprise-grade security to ensure resilience, stability as well as continuous delivery. To take your DevSecOps implementation up a notch, we ensure the compliance of security with best practices.

Our company culture thrives on continuous product enhancement, fostering feedback loops and retrospective analyses following incidents or tests. We actively utilize these insights to enhance the complete lifecycle of a project. This commitment aligns with our dedication to delivering solutions that are not only efficient but also adaptable and continually improved based on real-world experiences and feedback.

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