Top-Notch Linux Support & Services In India

Do you operate mission-critical infrastructure in your business or corporate environment with focus on maximizing productivity? At Penguin Technology, we design our Linux support & services in India to meet your daily business and corporate needs in order to help you maintain operational efficiency. From managing client systems to deploying and enhancing the functions of enterprise Linux solutions, our goal is to ensure companies like yours can operate seamlessly. With bespoke Linux support & maintenance services in India, we ensure the uninterrupted operation of your IT infrastructure.


full Linux support in Delhi

Our Linux Support Services

From deploying new Linux solutions to managing existing ones, we offer all kinds of Linux maintenance services. Our Linux support comes in various options including Linux AMC (annual maintenance support), one-time service, Linux chat support & more. We also have fully managed Linux maintenance and NOC support backed by System Level Agreement (SLA). With incorporation of SLA, our Linux services guarantee rapid response and proactive maintenance in a transparent fashion. That’s why we provide comprehensive reports of all maintenance to our customers.




Cloud & On-Prem Linux Support & Services in India

Penguin Technology is here to make sure you get best Linux maintenance support for cloud and on-prem Linux services. We consider the environment for Linux solutions so as to offer unparalleled support according to the environment. Our cloud-tailored Linux support ensures maximum efficiency, in other words, speed, stability, security and uninterrupted uptime. Likewise, for on-premise Linux services, we offer support geared towards best performance of customer’s overall in-home IT.

When it comes to bridging the gap between on-premise and cloud Linux services, Penguin Technology is your go-to IT provider for Linux support & services in India. Our services ensure the seamless integration of in-house IT and cloud hosting into a robust hybrid solution. For hybrid Linux solutions, we place emphasis on full fusion of cloud and dedicated solutions.


Linux Migration

In addition to on-prem, cloud and hybrid support services, we offer top-notch Linux migration support including on-premise to cloud migration, migration of Linux from one cloud platform to another, and more. Having highly skilled Linux and software engineer available, Penguin Technology delivers Linux migration in a timely fashion while ensuring every migration is entirely error-free.


Why Penguin Technology?

Experience: Linux engineers at Penguin Technology are highly skilled experts who have strong experience in implementing all kinds of corporate Linux solutions.


Comprehensive Linux Maintenance: we offer fully managed Linux services & support in India so as to free customers of their IT challenges and more importantly, enhance their company operation through unparalleled maintenance.


SLA Support: From short-term maintenance to long-term support, our services come with SLA contract. It ensures our full commitment to customers satisfaction in form of rapid response, proactive support, 24*7 availability, transparency and more.


Affordability:  Penguin Technology offers the most affordable Linux services in India, making sure customers can access top-notch services on tight budget.

Penguin Technology offers the best Linux support services in India and beyond. We offer full Linux support for cloud and on-prem Linux services. All our services come with SLA-backed options allowing our customers access to quality support that is pretty affordable. Your satisfaction is our priority.