Choosing The Best Linux Distributions

Choosing The Best Linux Distributions

What Should Be Your Choice Of Linux Distributions

The initial uptake of Linux begs the questions of how to start and what distributions to use. Preferably referred to as distros, Linux distributions are basically the various OS flavors of Linux Operating System, i.e Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), LinuxMint, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, CentOS, SUSE, Arch Linux, SteamOS, etc. Linux has versatile applications to different environments. From one environment to another, the choice of distro mostly varies. Similarly, we can infer that no one Linux distro is the be-all and the end-all. And more importantly, your choice distro should be a fit for purpose.

Owing to that, let’s consider the application of Linux Operating System to two environments – private and production environments.

Production Setup:

This is an enterprise-class implementation of Linux Distributions in a corporate environment that host servers, databases, network infrastructure and production systems.

Basic Environment:

This can also be considered as a per user or desktop environment where Linux operating system is set up for basic day-to-day computational tasks

Best Linux Distributions For Enterprise Linux Solution

For corporate Linux solutions, you might want to consider enterprise-grade Linux distributions. Such distros as RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Debian, Oracle, Centos, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, SUSE and Ubuntu Server can come pretty handy. That is due largely to the fact that they offer enterprise capabilities such as good performance, scalability, security, stability and customization. Systems in a corporate setting host services, applications, databases and web and these systems are exposed to the internet. Hence, the aforementioned features are essential.

Best Linux Distributions For Client Systems

For the private uptake of Linux, it provides a better alternative to proprietary client operating systems such Microsoft Windows and MAC. So, you can make your choice Linux Distribution your daily drive for basic computation. For this purpose, you would want a distro that is optimized for a good desktop experience. Such distros provide large software repositories and package managers (appstore). Examples are Arch Linux, SteamOS– optimized for gaming, Ubuntu Desktop and LinuxMint. These distros are bundled with GUI (graphical user interface) tools and applications to make Linux Desktop user-friendly.


Final note

Keep in mind that constant housekeeping, optimization and hardening of your Linux Operating System – private or enterprise, is pretty essential. After all, you want to get the best out of your system.

At Penguin Technology, we offer all kinds of Linux solutions and we use a strategic and personalized approach that addresses each client’s scope of needs.

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