Security & Monitoring

Security & Monitoring

Security & Monitoring Services In India


Penguin Technology is the leading provider of enterprise IT security & monitoring services in India. We work with industry specification for network infrastructure security implementation. According to this specification, (the tier-4 data center standards), we harden enterprise servers and endpoint devices to achieve robust security.


Tier-4 Data Center Security & Monitoring Services

The tier-4 data center security implementation is a technique used in enterprise and distributed hosting environments to harden infrastructure, servers and server components, client systems, endpoint devices and networks. By combining advance security tools and configuration methods, we achieve the tier-4 industry benchmark.

Data Center Security Services In Delhi NCR Based On Threat Model

Our application of the tier-4 data center security and monitoring practices also includes the use of threat model to simulate potential attack scenarios by people seeking to gain unauthorized access into your network infrastructure and systems. With this model, we come up with ways to implement security for threat counters.

Professional Security Service Provider in India

We have unparalleled experience in enterprise security and monitoring for various platforms including:


  • Microsoft Windows Server Security & Monitoring
  • Linux Server Security & Monitoring
  • BSD Server Security & Monitoring
  • Android Security
  • IOS & MACOS Security
  • Server & Infrastructure Security & Monitoring Services
  • Enterprise Email Security & Monitoring Service Such as Zimbra Mail Security.

We are the leading Zimra Email Server Security Company in India. Our Zimbra server security covers mailboxes and the entire server. We optimize Linux server for Zimbra setup and management. With our secure and stable email solutions, your daily email need is achieved.

Security engineers at Penguin Technology implement system hardening using the latest tools and techniques. We conduct frequent studies about security and monitoring to figure out new security trends in the industry.


We also work hand in hand with a number of software vendors. Owing to our partnership with this vendors, they keep us abreast of new and trending security tools and techniques. So, our IT security & monitoring services in India incorporates best security practices.

Proactive Security & Monitoring Services In India

Our enterprise infrastructure security and monitoring services come pretty handy for keeping our happy customers’ systems healthy and up and running 24*7. We configure and integrate these systems into our cloud monitoring systems. This paves way for us to not only watch for threats and cyber attacks but also monitor system overall health.

IT Security & Monitoring Services That Guarantee 99.9% Uptime

Our monitoring system signals and warns for server health decline – providing details viz the red alerts so that we can go directly to where an issue originates and fix it out of the box. We detect and fix problems before they result in disasters.


Penguin Technology is the number one server security and monitoring service provider in Delhi NCR. We are unswerving in our delivery of top-notch infrastructure monitoring and security services that fit into our customer’s decent budget –  however small.


We are a customer-oriented IT service provider in India. Our company is built around delivering the best experience to our customers through highly secure and stable network infrastructure and server solutions.

Highly Responsive Technical Support

Penguin Technology has the best customer and technical support and we are a customer-centric IT Support company in India. We get along pretty well with our customers. We listen to you. And we act on your queries out of the box.

We are available 24/7 to give you the best experience with IT solutions. Contact us on 08588982487 | 0120-4990642. Remember, consultation is always free and our security engineers are available to answer all your questions.