Proxy & Firewall

Proxy & Firewall

If you operate network infrastructure or data center or even a small IT department, in this era of cyber attacks, you need effective proxy and firewall solution provided by Penguin Technology – the leading network security provider in India. Thanks to our technical team of enterprise network security experts. They deliver proxy & firewall solutions, maintaining industry security standards.

proxy & firewall solution

Our network security engineers use modern tools for network security hardening so as to guarantee optimal protection of network infrastructure, end point devices and the network itself which hosts these resources.


Most of the tools we use for network security provide enterprise-class capabilities that support deployment of small to large network proxies and firewalls. So we configure the tools according to the network requirements of each organization – small or large.


What is proxy and firewall?


On one hand, a firewall comes in handy for controlling access to network resources and more importantly, preventing authorized access to these resources. An enterprise firewall comes with port, packet, IP and program filtering capabilities for security hardening.


A firewall uses rules and policies to define access to resources on a network. An enterprise firewall implementation for a distributed hosting environment requires defining effective rules and policies for better security – hence the need for a good proxy and firewall service provider.


On the other hand, the proxy acts as an intermediary (a gateway) between network resources (servers, infrastructure, end point devices) and users. Users’ web requests and queries at the application level of the OSI model are handled by the proxy. There are various proxy types and some act pretty much like a VPN.


One of the most commonly deployed proxy types for enterprise network security is the transparent proxy. A transparent proxy not only functions as a gateway but also provides URL filtering. It is combined with a firewall for the most part to provide additional layer of security. This combination also produces a proxy & firewall solution.


Why Firewall & Proxy Solution?


It is simple: we live in the age of cyber attacks not to mention that less downtime is significant. Proxy & firewall solutions offer robust network security. By means of good security, you quash cyber attacks to prevent disaster while achieving high uptime at the same.


Why Penguin Technology For Firewall & Proxy Service


We are the leading proxy and firewall solution provider in Delhi NRC. We understand that security is critical to the operation of a network in an enterprise environment. So, our full proxy and firewall solutions come with maximum security hardening.