Clustering & High Availability

Clustering & High Availability

Penguin Technology understands that your network servers poor performance or constant downtime is a big recipe for disaster. With our premium cluster and high availability solutions, you can worry less about disaster of any kind. We deploy HA solution with focus on productivity and maximum uptime.


What is High Availability & Cluster?

Cluster, on one hand, is the combination of multiple servers into a single system that provides load balancing, spreading out load across the systems that make up the cluster. On the other hand, HA or high availability is configured as a primary or secondary failover system for the cluster. A combination of HA proxy and cluster provides redundancy which in turn, ensures steady uptime.

Enterprise-Grade HA | Cluster Solutions

Our team of highly skilled industry experts have decades of experience in enterprise-grade cluster and high availability solutions. At Penguin Technology, our engineers work round the clock to deliver satisfactory results our esteemed customers.

Premium Yet Affordable Cluster | HA Solutions

Penguin Technology has an impeccable record of being an affordable and reliable provider of premium cluster & high availability solutions in India. Our services are low-cost and accessible to companies and businesses of varying sizes.

Value-Based Pricing Approach

To ensure you get the best value for your investment in HA/Cluster, we use a value-based pricing method. That basically means paying for the value you get. We are quite considerate with our pricing and even with your low budget, you can afford our first-rate services.

Custom HA | Cluster Solutions

Here at Penguin Technology, we have deployed numerous cluster and high availability solutions for small businesses and large corporate entities. Each customer’s need is peculiar to their business and companies. Owing to that, our clusters and high availability services are personalized –  oriented towards each customer’s needs.

Goal-Oriented Cluster & High Availability Solutions

Helping you achieve their goal is our primary objective. That is why we get along with each customer to understand their specific needs for cluster and high availability solutions. This way, we target our efforts at helping them reach their goals.

24*7 Service & Support

Your timeline is important to us. So, we are highly responsive and dedicated to your project. To ensure we maintain the same timelines with our customers, we work 24*7 to meet project deadlines while also maintaining first-rate quality.


HA Proxy With 99.9% Uptime

Using the tier-4 data center hosting technique, we deploy network infrastructure in conformity to industry standards. This means implementing component-level redundancy and  fault tolerance for our high availability & cluster solution. In other words, your HA proxy server is always up and running.