Asterix PBX

Asterix PBX

Penguin Technology is the leading provider of low cost but premium VOIP Asterix PBX Solutions in Delhi NCR. It offers a lot of flexibility which we take advantage of to personalize our asterix PBX services based on the communication demand of business and firms. Thanks to our experience with diverse clients having diverse needs.


We, at Penguin Technology, understand the importance of an effective communication process to companies and business. For that, we set up and manage Asterix PBX solutions with the entire aim to streamline communication for customer outreach and better internal workflow.


What is Asterix?


Asterix is a bundle of powerful tools for software setup of PBX or private branch exchange systems in call centers. It comes with a lot of rich features for enterprise call center management.


Benefits of Asterix PBX


It allows for integration with existing applications, using various APIs and CRMS to deliver effective communication systems. We take care of integration of Asterix PBX solutions with your existing mission-critical applications and devices.


Asterix is a highly flexible opensource tool for call center setup and management. Its flexibility allows for customization to fit any environment — enterprise or small business. we are highly skilled in customizing Asterix PBX solutions to suit customer needs.


For corporate and business call center setup, it provides special frameworks which can be integrated into mobile apps desktop for VOIP communications in any environment.


An Asterix PBX solution is a cost effective means to achieve a robust and effective communication system which, in turn, improve workflow.


Why Penguin Technology


Best Asterix PBX Services in Delhi NCR

We make happy customers by helping them achieve an effective communication system through an Asterix PBX solution –  deployed in compliance with industry best praxis. We don’t compromise standards because customer’s satisfaction means a lot to us.


 24/7 Support

Tech support is available at all times to resolve your queries. Support is provided by our engineers. You don’t have to go through an intermediary that relays your queries to the technical team.


Asterix PBX Solutions Decent Cost

We have the technical know-how in utilizing opensource tools deliver stable call center solutions at reasonable cost. Pricing for all our PBX solutions depends on the value our customers get. This value-based pricing allows us to adjust costs to each customer advantage.