Active Directory & Domain Controller

Active Directory & Domain Controller

Penguin Technology is the best Linux active directory & domain controller services provider in India. Our team is driven by customer satisfaction through value-added services that fit into our happy cutomer’s tight budgets.


Stable & Secure Linux Active Directory & Domain Controller

We are the number one Linux active directory server company in Delhi NCR. We provide stable, secure and affordable Linux AD servers as an alternative to Microsoft Windows Active Directory server.


Here at Penguin Technology, are a trusted active directory and domain controller company in Delhi NCR. we observe industry standards in our day to day operations. Our servers conform to modern hosting standards in terms of security hardening, performance optimization, infrastructure health and data protection. This set of standards include the tier-4 data center practice.


With that approach, we provide highly stable and fast ad and dc server solutions to support the daily business needs of our customers. An uptime of 99 percent is guaranteed.


We use Samba4 Active Directory and Domain Controller to deploy our active directory servers. It comes with many enterprise free tools for production deployment in distributed and business environments.


Custom Active Directory & Domain Controller Services

We deploy both cloud and dedicated (in-house) Samba AD DC solutions according to our customer’s requirements. These solutions include:


  • Initial server setup
  • Hardening,
  • Optimization,
  • Support for existing AD DC servers
  • Linux AD DC AMC support
  • Migration to cloud
  • Tally on cloud
  • Application hosting on AD DC server
  • Backup and task automation.


Linux Active Directory & Domain Controller AMC Support

Linux Active Directory and Domain Controller AMC support is a SLA-based support that entitles our customers to premium but quite affordable annual support. In other words, we work round the clock to ensure our customers’ infrastructure is up and running for the duration of the maintenance contract. To customers, it is an all-year-round hassle-free solution.


Linux Active Directory Server Based On Tier-4 Data Center Approach

For the annual support, we provide server component redundancy to minimize downtime even in the event of a component failure. Additionally, fault tolerance is built into the servers and we also performed regular check of server health to keep the servers up and running.


Linux Active Directory Full Support In India 

We provide full support including the implementation of strong user and group policies for controlling user and group access to system resources according to organizational requirements.


Linux Active Directory Server Company in Delhi NCR

We also maintain industry standards via automated backup process that conforms to the tier-4 hosting benchmark on every server we manage. This, in a more similar vein, means regular archive and dump of data to a safe cloud storage.


Linux | Samba4 Active Directory Vs Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory

Both provide almost the same level of capability with major differences inherent in footprint and pricing.


Samba4 has a smaller footprint in terms of cpu, memory and storage usage compared to Windows. In addition to that, it uses less system resources than Microsoft Windows Server AD DC.


Microsoft AD DC and Samba AD DC use the paid CAL licence for multiple user authentication. The Linux option (Samba4) is more cost-effective because the CAL licence is priced much less in Samba4 than in Windows.


Why Penguin Technology For Samba4 Active Directory Hosting


Penguin Technology is a value-driven Linux active directory server company in India. We make customers happy; we deliver quality for very low costs. In fact, we provide the most affordable Linux Active Directory Services in India.


We have various support offerings. This gives you the advantage of choosing the option that best fits your arrangements and timelines. Where possible, we examine our customers’ work process to recommend the best solution.


We provide personalized Linux active directory server solutions in India. Our customers have different requirements. We strive to meet each customer’s specific needs.