Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Service Provider


Penguin Technology is the #1 enterprise-grade virtualization service provider in India. We offer a broad range of premium virtualization deployment and management in enterprise as well as distributed environments for reasonable costs.


Additionally, pricing for virtualization solutions by Penguin Technology is based on the value of service. This helps us adjust our prices according to each customer’s needs and budget.


We have unrivaled experience with diverse OS platforms and environments  –  thus we provision and administer cloud-based and in-house virtual systems on-demand and as needed by customers.


What is virtualization


By means of virtualization, multiple virtual machines or VPSs can be independently hosted on one machine  –  that is, a base machine. This is a cost-effective approach to service, application, web, server and software hosting in a production as well as enterprise environment.

Type1 Vs Type2 Virtualization Service Provider

At Penguin Technology, we provide type 1 and type 2 virtualization services. Our type 1 virtualization solution is a near-bare-metal approach to running virtual machines in datacenters. This approach, in essence, yields excellent performance results –  pretty close to native OS installed directly on hardware.


Enterprise Virtualization Service Provider

For the enterprise-level deployment of VPS and client systems, we we provide virtualization  services using industry leading hypervisors and platforms including:


  • Proxmox VE – a robust opensource virtualization tool bundled with features for enterprise virtualization sservices.


  • VMware ESXI  –  a feature-rich type-1 hypervisor with lightweight ESXI suitable for enterprise-level virtualization. In addition, it has an intuitive GUI for managing virtual machines.


  • Citrix XenServer   –  a powerful opensource enterprise-grade virtualization tool that provides a means for deploying highly stable and secure virtual machines, cloud systems, servers and other network infrastructure.


  • KVM – free opensource type-1 hypervisor based on the kernel level virtualization modules bundled with Linux operating system.


  • Hyper-V  –  an enterprise-class hypervisor native to Microsoft Windows Server. Also, it is popular for being a feature-rich hypervisor with lots of enterprise capabilities.


  • RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization)  –  the commercial version of KVM with paid support.


Penguin Technology As A Virtualization Service Provider


We are the leading virtualization service provider in Delhi NCR, most renowned for offering highly stable, secure, scalable and on-demand virtual solutions. Our virtualization services are available for low prices.


Reliable Virtualization Service Provider

We understand that performance and security are of the essence in a production or enterprise environment. Thus, virtual systems deployed or managed by us are optimized for excellent performance and robust security.


Virtualization Service Provider In India

We configure virtual servers deployed and managed by us to be highly scalable. This, as a result, allows for on-the-fly and as-needed provisioning of more resources for the servers.


At Penguin Technology, we have excellent technical support – 24/7 available to attend to customers and manage their queries properly.