Open Source Solutions

Open Source Solutions

Opensource Solutions Provider In India

With Penguin Technology, you get premium yet low price opensource solutions in India. We pride ourselves as the leading opensource solutions provider in India. Being a trusted IT service provider, we’ve also earned global recognition for quality services and more importantly, customer satisfaction.


Best Opensource Solutions Provider in India

Our experienced tech experts offer deep experience in combination with technological capabilities to enable seamless uptake of open-source. As a result, our experience makes us the best IT service provider of  low cost yet excellent alternatives to expensive proprietary solutions.


Benefits of opensource solutions

Benefits of Open Source Solutions

  • Opensource solutions are highly configurable, hence paving the way for personalizing each solutions to fit into a company or business operation.
  • Real world solutions to your business or company needs
  • Influencing the development of software
  • Secure, Stable, reliable
  • Flexible and extensible. In addition to being extensible, it is highly scalable and provides means for scaling up solutions to support growing business needs.
  • Long-term sustainability: opensource solutions, compared to proprietary alternatives, are stable and have better lifecycle.
  • No vendor lock-in: most of the solutions aren’t controlled by vendors, hence users don’t find themselves in  a tight environment.
  • Cost Saving: Penguin Technology’s opensource solutions in India fit into your decent budget plan. So, we strive to deliver value-added services for relatively low costs.


Penguin Technology offers a wide range of solutions to support your systems


  • 24/7 Unlimited support and full maintenance services according to service level agreement. We are transparent and quite in attending customer’s queries. In addition, we provide reports as part of the SLA support to our customers.


  • Integrate open-source solutions with legacy systems.


  • As the #1 opensource solution provider in India, we have extensive knowledge of various production solutions like Linux, Apache, Tomcat,  Maven, NGINX, HA Proxy, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres SQL, KVM, LAMP, FTP, DNS, OpenVPN, PHP, Nodejs, Jenkins, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, WordPress, Memcached & Redis, Apache Solr & Elasticsearch, Corosync, Pacemaker, Red Hat HA, Sendmail, Postfix & Zimbra Mail server solutions and many more.

As a customer focused opensource solutions solutions provider in India, Penguin Technology’s primary goal is to make the setup, monitoring and management of complex solutions i.e IaaS and SaaS simpler, faster and stable.

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Opensource Solutions Provider In India