IT Managed Service Provider In India

IT Managed Service Provider In India

Penguin Technology is the leading IT managed service provider in India

Nowadays, changes in technology happen at a real fast pace and for this reason, IT management process becomes more and more hairy . That it is prudent to always outsource the process to a reliable IT managed company. Outsourcing your IT management to us means putting it in professional and reliable hands.

Get Your IT Department Or Data Center Up & Running

At Penguin Technology, we make sure that your IT process and data center run smoothly to support your company’s operation. Our services are accessible to downstream IT managed service providers and companies having IT at the core of their operation.

IT Managed Services According To Tier-4 Data Center Standards

Penguin technology strives to not only get the job done but also maintain industry standards. So, we deliver highly fast, stable and secure IT systems. We harden and optimize servers and infrastructure based on  tier-4 data center benchmarks. Endpoint security implementation also conforms to  same standards.

Quality IT Managed Service Provider In India

Our team of industry experts are highly skilled in implementing enterprise hardware solutions. They perform IT hardware maintenance and upgrades with quality in mind. Similarly we use genuine spare parts that can handle the load and shock of a production environment.

Customer-Drive IT Managed Service Provider In India

We are a customer driven IT managed service provider. Putting our customer’s needs at the center of our company operation, we deliver personalized experience to each customer. Considering your IT specific needs, we deliver IT managed services to fulfill those  needs. We build a company culture that centers around the customer’s maximum satisfaction.

Trusted IT Managed Service Provider In India

As a trusted IT Managed service provider, we constantly strive to meet each customer’s timelines, making sure that we deliver jobs in a timely fashion. Our IT managed service experts are highly responsive and we work round the clock to deliver quality while also keeping to deadlines too.


Get Cost-effective IT Managed Service Provider In India

IT management services at Penguin Technology conform to the cost-benefit criteria and our aim in respect to that is to help our customers weigh the cost of managed IT services against that of in-home IT process.  We seek to essentially eliminate the hassles companies face with IT management in terms of cost and time.


We see cost from two perspectives- time customers spend on in-house IT management which they could better invest in managerial functions and secondly, the high cost of running in-home IT. Our customers take advantage of our high-quality still cost-effective IT managed services to streamline their IT management process and this, in turn, fosters productivity.


We ensure our customers get the bang for the buck they invest in the IT management process. Hence, we use a service-level-agreement or SLA maintenance approach which favors the customers. From software, hardware, server and network deployment to support, our operation is fully transparent.


IT Managed Services With SLA – Support

For transparency we generate and submit reports  to our customers periodically as part of a  24*7 SLA-based support. We rely heavily on feedback from customers to help improve our services to them.


About Penguin Technology


Penguin Technology is an Indian-based IT service provider which is most renowned for being a customer-centric company. Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction through first-rate enterprise IT enterprise services.

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