Zimbra Backup Mail

Zimbra Backup Mail

Effective management at every level of business or company operation requires good communication which, in turn, fosters seamless workflow. Such a communication process requires stable and fast email solution such as Zimbra backup email server. It offers enterprise-class capabilities either as a standalone or backup solution.

Email Backup With Zimbra Backup Email Server

Our email hosting expoerts deploy and configure Zimbra backup email server so as to provide load balancing in a hybrid setup. This backup server handles part of the communication process, perhaps, the bulk of it, while the existing email solution takes care of the rest.


What is Zimbra Backup Email Server Hosting

Zimbra is an open source cross-platform email server, also known as ZCS, that offers a plethora of enterprise-level features. It comes bundled with caledring, contact mail and file management functions to meet the daily communication requirement of smes and large corporations.


Zimbra Backup Email Server Hosting Is Cost Saving

Being Opensource makes Zimbra mail server quite affordable to incorporate into an existing communication process. Zimbra has various feature offerings which are free of cost. However, the commercial version of it is available with paid support.


Zimbra Backup Mail Server – Load Distribution At Reduced Cost

Running Zimbra backup mail server alongside another mail solution paves way for load distribution, balancing and failover while also reducing costs. Similarly, most proprietary and paid email solutions that offer the same capabilities as Zimbra cost a lot of money. So, when you run Zimbra alongside these expensive email solutions and shift the buck of the communication process to the Zimbra, you pay as you use for the other email solutions. That means you use less and pay less for the other email solutions.


Zimbra Backup Mail Server Hosting Based On Tier 4 Hosting Technique

One of the enterprise-grade capabilities of Zimbra is that it supports the tier 4 data centre implementation by the Zimbra mail server hosting provider. What this means basically is that we provide security, optimization, backup and automation, fault tolerance and recovery with Zimbra email server solution. We are talking about little to zero downtime as well as 99.955% uptime annually.


Zimbra Mail Server Backup Supports Multi Platforms

Integration Of Zimbra Email Server With Various Platforms

As a cross-platform email solution, Zimbra mail server supports hassle-free integration with various operating environments and hardware. It offers support for Apple iOS, MAC, BSD, Microsoft Windows, etc. It also supports Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird.


Zimbra Email Server- Bulk Email Solution

To help our customers achieve their business email campaigns, we configure Zimbra bulk email solutions according a customer bulk emailing needs.  Our services foster customer  reachability, thus opening up more business opportunities.


Zimbra Backup Email Server Hosting Company In India

A fully-managed Zimbra backup solution that offers the all the features and benefits highlighted is deployed based on tier 4 hosting by a Zimbra backp mail server hosting provider- Penguin Technology


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