Microsoft Outlook Mail Service Provider


Microsoft Outlook mail provides a means for companies having corporate email services to streamline communication and messaging. This, in turn, helps the companies forge brighter connections with their customers. We at Penguin Technology come into play to offer top-notch Microsoft Outlook Mail services. Our goal is to help our partners generate leads and opportunities through effective email services.

Personalized Microsoft Outlook Mail Services

We are a reliable IT service company specializing in Microsoft Outlook emall solutions for business and firms of any size. For customers having specific needs, we use strategies that address their specific needs. In a similar vein, we understand that from one environment to another, the goal can be similar but somewhat different. Hence, we keep your goals in mind, working strategically towards helping you realize it.


Microsoft Outlook Mail Services In India

At Penguin Technology, we offer various email solutions using enterprise platforms such as Zimbra Collaboration Suites, GSuites, Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and more. Cloud, on-premise and hybrid options are also available. Using one or more of these platforms, we set your email server and integrate it with Microsoft Outlook mail for effective messaging.

Proactive SLA Support

Using service-level agreement (SLA) approach, we offer proactive customer service and support. That is, our partners provide details of what to be done, how it has to be done and to what standard. We strive to reach the set standards by complying with the agreement and more importantly ensuring customer satisfaction. A SLA support also behooves us to provide detailed and comprehensive reports of what we do and how we do it. So, you can track our progress and be certain that we are maintaining quality at every level.

Why Us?

we are the best Microsoft Outlook mail service company in Delhi-NCR. We set your corporate email services on Microsoft Outlook for relatively small costs. In addition to that, you get proactive email support 24*7 according SLA. We our response time is pretty fast and we manage customer queries with speed. To further expedite the time for resolving customer queries, our support team is the same as our technical team. Thus, no escalation of roles from desk to desk and as a result, no bureaucracy.