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Mail Archive

Enterprise Mail Archiving Services In India

At Penguin Technology, corporate email solution is our specialty and we deliver cloud and on-premise email solutions optimized for stability. Likewise, we focus on speed and uptime, ensuring your email services run in full swing 24*7. We have in place ethical practices to ensure our mail archiving services comply with industry standards in regards to data protection. Hence, our mail archiving solutions provide an effective means to store per user mails and data for fast retrieval as well as referencing.

Personalized Mail Archiving Services In India

Additionally, Penguin Technology has the best enterprise email experts in place. Our team has experience in strategizing solutions to meet individual customer demand. Similarly, we offer custom mail archiving services with focus on delivering quality results. In a free consultation, we strive to understand your needs and subsequently, come up with solutions addressing the needs.

Mail Archiving Services With Data Protection

Your data protection is very important to us and as a consequence, we observe strict security as part of our ethical practices. We ensure that your data is safe by optimizing your email services for optimal security by industry benchmark. This standard is no other than the datacenter tier4 category.

Top-Grade Mail Archiving Services In India

Owing to the importance of data safety, we maintain strong affiliation with email software security vendors. They push new updates and patches to us out of the box. More importantly, we constantly apply fixes, patches and updates to your mail services to guarantee data safety.

Mail Archiving Solutions With 99.99% Uptime

Our mail archiving services come with complete fault tolerance and component redundancy as part of the datacenter tier4 set of practices. We provide extra components for email services so that in the event of component failure your services are not interrupted. This, similarly, guarantees 99.99 percent uptime.

Why Penguin Technology?

Our customer-centric culture promotes the growth and expansion of our customer business or organization. we listen to you, act on your feeds and strive to always serve you better. We constantly improve our services with sole intent of helping our customers reach their goals.

Part of that culture also entails offering corporate email services with premium quality for pretty decent costs. We offer value-added mail archiving solutions with pricing according to customer needs. Our customers are big corporate entities and small business. In other words, we have service plans for companies of all sizes.