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G Suite

GSuite & Zimbra Email Solutions In India

Avail Penguin Technology’s GSuite corporate mail services to scale up productivity today. we offer premium GSuite email solutions as either standalone or part of a hybrid email solution. Our hybrid email solutions include:

  • GSuite & Zimbra Email Solution In India
  • Microsoft Office 365/GSuite/Zimbra Mail Solutions In Delhi NCR

Premium Yet Low Priced GSuite & Zimbra Email Solutions In India

A client-focused enterprise email solution provider, Penguin Technology ensures your buck yields the bang. In other words, we offer premium Gsuite email services for considerably low price. Our services are priced based on the value we deliver to a specific client. So, with your small budget, you can afford our personalized email solutions, specifically designed to meet your goals.

Hybrid Email Solutions: GSuite / Zimbra Email Hosting Services

With our GSuite & Zimbra hybrid email solutions in India, customers get to reduce their spending because Zimbra is a powerful and opensource solution. Though it comes with enterprise-level features, it is a cheaper alternative to proprietary mail solutions. What we do with our hybrid email solutions is to configure Zimbra to handle the buck of the email load. This way, we use less of GSuite, hence cutting down the cost on GSuite.  Zimbra mail server features include:

  • GSuite & Zimbra Business email Solutions with file & calendar sharing to meet help you meet your communication and email marketing campaign needs
  • Secure & private environment for individual user account. Therefore, no security hassles at all with Zimbra email server solution
  • Streamlined workflow and increased productivity due to Zimbra support for cross-platform integration and team collaboration
  • Instant chat & messaging through Zimbra mail server web-based messaging client
  • Synchronization with various devices and operating platforms, thus providing access files from anywhere in the world
  • Data and session encryption with ssl certificate plus mail spam filter and anti-virus for malicious email detection and prevention
  • Support for multiple domains and unlimited number of user accounts. Also support the delegation of domain management to specific user
  • Incorporation of a global address book using ldap as a backend authentication service for pulling user credentials

Uninterrupted Email Hosting Services In India

We are an enterprise-grade email service provider in Delhi NCR, specializing in all kinds of enterprise mail solutions. Hence, we focus mainly on delivering fast and stable email solutions using industry best practices. Similarly, we strive to meet the day to day email need of business and firms with uninterrupted mail services.

Custom GSuite & Zimbra Email Hosting Solutions In Delhi-NCR

GSuite / Zimbra email hosting experts at Penguin Technology have plenty experience in customizing email solutions according to the demand of a customer. So, we set up and manage GSuite / Zimbra email solutions for business, enterprises, firms and government organizations. Hybrid or standalone email solutions come in three forms:


GSuite & Zimbra Business Solutions

(For Small Business & Office)

  • Infinite Number of Domains
  • Limitless Number of User Accounts
  • Domain & User Management Delegation
  • Service• Support For Active Directory Integration
  • Thunderbird & Outlook Integration
  • An Intuitive webmail | Client
  • Central Address Book With Ldap
  • Secondary MX Solutions For Mail Parking
  • Mail Archiving Backup To A Separate Server

Enterprise Email Solutions

(For Mid Level Companies):

  • Enterprise Email Security With Proxmox Mail Gateway
  • Email Server Cluster For Load Balancing & Failover
  • DRBD Cluster
  • Centralized Network Area Storage (NAS)
  • Unlimited Users & Domains
  • Domain Management Delegation To Unlimited Users
  • Distinct Admin Panel For Each Domain
  • Integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • Stunning webmail
  • Global Address Book
  • Independent Email Backup Or Archiving Server
  • Multiple MTA Due To Hybrid Setup
  • Secondary MX

Enterprise Email Solution

(For Large Corporations)

  • Multiple GSuite / Zimbra Email Server Clusters
  • Mail Server Centralized Management Via NAS
  • Security With Proxmox Gateway
  • No Limit To Number of  Domains & User Accounts
  • Indpendent Admin Control Panel For One Domain
  • Delegated Domain Administration To Specific Users
  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory Integration
  • User-friendly & Appalling WebClient
  • Ldap Centralized Address Book
  • Archival & Backup Of Server To A Centralized Location
  • Setup of Multiple MTAs In A Hybrid Solution
  • MX Parking Service