Business Email Solutions

Business Email Solutions

Business Email Solutions

Email Solutions That Enhance Business Operation

At Penguin Technology, our business email solutions are designed and optimized to enhance business efficiency. What we do basically is extending and streamlining the functionality of corporate email platforms such as Zimbra Email Server, Google GSuite, Microsoft Exchange, Zoho, O365 and more in a bid to deliver secure and stable email services. In other words, we don’t just deploy email solutions but we also implement optimization and hardening, following industry best practices.

Email Services With Data Protection

In addition to hardening and optimization, we take your email services up a notch with automated backup and email archiving. We understand the importance of data protection and how handy backups can come as a disaster remediation approach. Hence, we implement email server backup and archiving to comply with standards such as tier-4 datacenter procedure. Simply put, our backup creates and sends data archives to secure cloud locations for security and ease of retrieval.

Enterprise Email Solutions

With years of honed experience in enterprise messaging solutions, we offer comprehensive business email solutions. From hosting standalone email services to corporate scenarios involving multiple MTAs and integration with mission-critical applications, we provide cloud, on-prem and hybrid email solutions.


Custom Email Solutions For Business

We design business email solutions for business with emphasis on scalability, speed, security and personalization. Understanding that email as well as messaging requirements from business to business vary, we use business-oriented strategy to deliver highly efficient email solutions personalized for a specific business – be it big or small. At Penguin Technology, we have the expertise and resources to service the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Affordable Business Email Solutions

Getting personalized email services that effectively underpin mission-critical business operation is quite affordable with Penguin Technology. Blending quality and cost-efficiency, we stand out as a reliable provider of affordable and top-notch business email solutions in Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and the whole of India. For your decent budget, we will craft you a decent plan.

Proactive Customer Support

A client-oriented business email solutions provider, we understand the importance of effective communication flow between us and our clients. We maintain effective channels of communication and proactive customer support so that customers can reach us as quickly as they need our services.

24*7 Proactive Technical Support

In addition, we operate customer cum technical support. Combining tech and customer support into one responsive support unit with commitment to customer satisfaction, we remove the bureaucratic process of escalating queries from customer support to tech support. This pretty much expedites each support process and saves you time.

Best Business Email Solutions Provider in India

Penguin Technology is the best business email solutions provider in India with global recognition for reliability. Using a business-driven approach, we offer scalable, affordable, secure and highly performant business email solutions.




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