On-Premise To Cloud Migration

The dawn of cloud civilization is upon us, necessitating on-premise to cloud migration of services. Business and corporate operations just get better and better with it. Hence, traditional on-premise hosting of enterprise-class services supporting mission-critical operation gradually becomes yesterday’s news. Harnessing the cloud potential to unlock new opportunities means leaping into the cloud for existing owners of on-premise infrastructure.


On-Premise To Cloud Migration In India

For that, we at Penguin Technology are here to ensure your hassle-free experience with cloud hosting. Affordable yet top-notch on-premise to cloud migration services are what we offer at Penguin Technology, your number one IT service provider in India.


Server Migration Company In India

Trusted by over 300 clients, we offer server and network infrastructure on-premise to cloud migration services, focusing on uptime. We understand that downtime is a big luxury for businesses and corporations. Having strong experience in enterprise service migration, we leverage expertise and modern tools to reduce downtime while ensuring stability.


Server Migration & Hosting Services In India

There are various enterprise-grade migration scenarios. And from one scenario to another, we understand that there can be varying requirements. Every migration process we perform involves using a strategy and technique most suitable to the given scenario. This practice also includes preparing both cloud and on-premise platforms for migration, security, backup and optimization of cloud for stability.


Cloud Hosting Company In India

Adding to that, our IT services – from migration to  hosting – align with best practices. Our goal is to improve your business or organization as a process through top-notch IT services. More importantly, we do that making sure you don’t break the bank to afford the quality we offer.


On-premise To Cloud Migration Company In India

Owing to that, we do what you can consider as value-based pricing. It is a pricing method of lowering service costs to what a business or firm can afford, based on the value of services offered to them. By choosing Penguin Technology, we transform your organization or business with value-added services for growth hack.