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 Penguin Technology Linux Support Services

Penguin Technology streamlines your operation through quality Linux support services.

We are the best Linux support company in Delhi NCR, providing enterprise Linux services to smes, companies and corporate bodies across the globe. Our unparalleled experience with various clients over the years translates into our customer oriented approach – personalizing services to meet the specific demands of our customers.

Our team of experts deliver results
Linux support services at Penguin Technology are provided by highly skilled Linux engineers having years of experience in enterprise linux solutions. They get along really well with customers to understand their requirements and be on the same page with them in respect to timeline, process and end results. We implement Linux support solutions using new, secure and effective technologies according to industry standards.

Our areas of expertise include Linux enterprise security and hardening. We offer Linux server and client OS security support, with the health and uptime of your enterprise resources in mind. We implement security hardening using the best and most effective tools for a given scenario.

Our scope of coverage
Linux is a bundle of powerful open source software packages with significant uptake in regards to enterprise implementation. We provide a plethora of linux solutions to customers whose daily drive for work is Linux be it any of these distros:

  • Redhat Linux (RHEL)
  • CentOS Linux
  • Debian Linux
  • SUSE Enterprise
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Gentoo Linux
  • Linux Mint
  • Rocky Linux
  • Alma Linux

Our Linux support services include:

  • Linux OS Support – Installation, Configuration and Security Hardening
  • Linux OS Performance Tweaking & Optimization
  • Linux OS Initial Setup Hardening
  • PCI Scanning & Countermeasures
  • DoS Attack Detection & Countermeasures
  • Security audits and detection
  • Intrusion Detection System (ID) Implementation
  • System Compromise & Disaster Remediation
  • OS Data Migration (From Windows to Any Of The Linux OS Distros Above)
  • Clustering | High Availability | Load Balancing | Failover

Linux Server Management Support:

  • Backend Authentication Systems – OpenLDAP, RADIUS, 389, etc
  • Domain Name Services (DNS Solutions)- BIND, PowerDNS, Dynamic DNS
  • Email | Messaging Solutions – POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, POSTFIX, Zimbra, Sendmail, Qmail etc
  • Transparent | Caching Proxy Server – Squid + Sarg Log Analyzer
  • Database Implementation – Mariadb, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Firewalls & Basic Security- Firewalld, Iptables, Pfsense, Sopho, etc)
  • Active Directory & Domain Controller – Microsoft Windows Server, Samba 4 | Samba Primary Domain Controller
  • Network File Server & Storage- Samba, Bacula, Openfiler (NAS | SAN)
  • VPN – OpenVPN as Open Source Service
  • System & Service Monitoring- cacti, ZenOSS, Nagios
  • Web Hosting Servers- Nginix, Apache, Tomcat, Jboss, Java, Virtualmin, WHM Cpanel, Webmin, CentosCPL, LAMP etc
  • Server Versioning- Apache SVN, Git, Gitolite On-premise & Cloud
  • VoIP | Call Centre Setup- FreePBX Asterisk, Trixbox
  • Data Centre Setup & Management
  • Virtualisation – KVM, ZenVM, OpenStack, Vmware, Proxmox, VirtualBox
  • Linux Terminal Server Implementation
  • FTP Server Solutions

Support all Linux Distro Related Services

  • Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Centos, Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, Fedora, Mint, BOSS, OpenBSD

Scripting & Software Development

  • Web Development on PHP
  • LAMP Implementation- Linux Apache MySQL PHP
  • Scripting & Automation

Migrations and Integration

  • Integration with Remote OPEN LDAP,389 Server
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Server
  • Integration With other OSs

Personalized Linux Solutions
Penguin Technology provides the afore-mentioned personalized Linux support services based on customer’s business goals and objectives. We are most renowned for using a goal oriented method to deliver the best, most scalable and custom Linux support services.

Prior to implementing new solutions for customers, we examine their operating environment to figure out how we can tailor our solutions towards streamlining that environment.

For new customers who want to introduce Linux into their setup to streamline their work process, we implement an integration process that incorporates Linux into the existing arrangements in a seamless fashion.

For new customers who want improvement, we identify areas where improvement can be made in order to achieve a healthy enterprise work environment of high performance and uptime.

Cost Efficiency
We deliver Linux support services that fit into your tight budget. At Penguin Technology, we have an efficient time and resource management approach that helps us beat cost on our end and it ultimately translates into providing quality services at reasonable costs to customers.

On a final note, in today’s enterprise world of Linux, requiring adequate support for your enterprise resources, Penguin Technology provides first-rate Enterprise Linux support services that help you meet your daily needs. Our team is available 24/7 to serve your requests. Contact us today if you’re looking for the best Linux support company in Delhi NCR India to be your partner in growth. Contact us for immediate support & solutions at 08588982487 | 0120-4990642 or mail us at