Jenkins Service Provider in Delhi

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) tool. It is the most preferred CI/CD tool used by big organizations and helps developers to reliably build, test, and deploy their software. 

Benefits of Jenkins Server

  • Open source package 
  • Easy installation & Configuration
  • Distributed environment 
  • Easy code deployment 
  • Build & Test Code
  • Plugins available for easy integration 
  • Support platform Linux, Windows & OS X
  • Support various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP etc.)

Master Slave architecture

Jenkins support Master Slave architecture to deploy software code from distributed environment. For a large projects and at a time deployment of various build job is always recommend to go for Master Slave architecture so that no obstacle of build queue, slowness & any failure. 

Why choose Penguin Technology for Jenkins server deployment

Build your Jenkins server with your skilled DevOps engineer. Penguin Technology worked for decades to set up a Jenkins automation server, create, build, deploy & test code in one go for our reputed clients in Delhi, NCR India & around the globe. We are the best DevOps company that can help to improve your software delivery, build and automation, accelerate software releases, and harness the power of the cloud. 

Contact us for Jenkins Server setup in Delhi/NCR, India. Our support is available for Online and on-premise setup. Call us at 08588982487 | 0120-4990642 or mail us at for immediate assistance.